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Ukrainian Olympiad on Robotics 2017

Recently, the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on Robotics took place on the basis of the Institute of Computer Systems of the Odessa National Polytechnic University. This year 19 teams from 12 higher educational institutions of Odessa, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kharkiv, Sumy, Cherkassy participated in the Olympiad, as well as teams from Brest and Minsk (Republic of Belarus) were represented.

The program of the Olympiad included two stages. At the first, theoretical, stage, each participant responded to the test tasks in robotics, electronics, programming, as well as solving the task of navigating mobile robots, calculating the parameters of control systems and creating algorithms for robot behavior.

At the second, practical, stage of the team, they performed tasks for constructing an operating model of a self-driving car at a scale of 1: 10-1: 18 which, without the driver's intervention, should automatically find the correct trajectory of motion using sensors and camcorders, which Allow you to recognize road conditions, obstacles and signs and get to the finish as soon as possible.

One round of the race track was 50 meters long and contained straight areas, turns, ascents and descents. The winner was determined in the robot competition between themselves according to Roborace robotics in Ukraine according to the principle of regular auto racing: who first will overcome the number of circles – He and won. This time, the number of circles was 10, and the best work took about four minutes to overcome the half kilometer distance. The participation in the practical tour allowed for the work that passed the qualifying tests, in which 14 teams were admitted to the semi-final races, where 8 finalists were selected.

According to the results of the Olympiad in the hard struggle, the students of the Precarpathian National University won the victory. Taking into account the results of the theoretical tour, a student of the specialty "Software Engineering" Timur Faradzhev was awarded a diploma of the first degree, and a student of the same specialty, Maxim Kur, with a diploma of the third degree.


Rector of the University Igor Evgenievich Tsependa greeted the students with their achievements, thanked for the worthy presentation of the university and wished him further success, confidence in conquering new educational and scientific peaks for the benefit of his native Alma-mater. Igor Yevgenyevich also expressed his gratitude to the teachers who, with their dedicated work, made a lot of efforts in preparing pupils.

 The students of the National University «Lviv Polytechnic», Odessa National Polytechnic University and Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute also became prize-winners of the Olympiad. The best students were awarded with special prizes from » Kyivstar », which actively supports talented youth.

«The most difficult was the confrontation with technical universities, where practical robotics professionally taught for many years. We are grateful to the company & of laquo; Kyivstar & raquo; For the prizes given to the team, because they will help our students improve the skills of mobile robot programming, "said the head of the winning team, associate professor of the information technology department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics Mykola Kozlenko. 


In addition to the student competitions, there was « the ’ relationship disappear » Between professional teams. Our team, which has been successfully presenting Ivano-Frankivsk for several years in various national and international robotics competitions, has won first place in the professional ranking. Composition of the team: programmer Mykola Kozlenko, Marine engineer Jan Fedirko and student of the College of Electronic Devices Yulia Chichak, who was awarded a diploma for participating in the Olympiad. The second and third positions were taken by teams from the Republic of Belarus.